Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Colton Haynes Gay Drama…

UPDATE 6.20.11

I've been contacted by a photographer named Sean Bentz to remove the images…

Smells fishy…

"your post is for entertainment value, displaying my not yet published "online" work has a major effect on market value of these photos"

SO What IS The VALUE Of Photos Taken For A Now Bankrupt Magazine?

I understand I didn't have the photographer's permission, had the photos been credited from my source I would have KINDLY asked. I NEVER claimed the images were my own and FIRMLY believe in PROPER crediting and getting permission as a aspiring photographer.

SO For Further Clarification The Gay Kiss Photo Was Taken By Sean Bentz.

SO Here Is A LOW REZ From Queerty… BUT A Simple GOOGLE Image Search Of "Colton Haynes Gay" Will Show The Images… In FULL RES!!!!

Also lots of other questionable gay photos for unknown publications, also not 100% he is actually in one of the photos but what ever.

I think this is just adding more fuel too the fire so SPREAD THE WORD GAYS!!!!

"The internet isn't written in Pencil, It’s written in Ink"
Is that the same dude he is kissing in his XY spread?!?

What… The… 

Colton is that you?!
Colton Haynes Has A Little Show On MTV Coming OUT Up Called TWINK Teen Wolf.

SEVERAL Blogs Have Posted Some Images Of Him Kissing Another MAN (GASP!) For Gay Teen Magazine (RIP) XY Taken Back In 2006… P.S. YOUR STILL PLAYING A TEEN?

NOW Colton Haynes Went And Lawyered Up…

"Postings of multiple private, obscene, lewd and pornographic photographs of my client…"

I'm SURE MTV Is Behind This… The TWAT Lawyer Went On To Say…

"The photographs depict my client partially or possibly fully nude in a Jacuzzi engaging in sexual content with another individual. the Site’s publication of what are clearly private photographs depicting sexual conduct, violate Haynes’ right to privacy."

PRIVACY? GIRLFRIEND Was Getting PAID For This SHIT & It Was PUBLISHED In A MAGAZINE For EVERY Gay In The World To Buy… EVEN Chapters Nanaimo Carried That Magazine RIP

If ANYTHING Getting A Lawyer In This Mess Makes It WORS Because It Spreads Like WILD FIRE, Then EVERY Little Gay In The World Posts The Photos… Hay hay HAY!

GIRRRL Was A Fashion Model He Did ALL Sorts Of GAY Looking Smutty Photos!

Congrats On The New SHOW Colton Haynes!

AND His "PORN" Past & Gay Modeling Photos!
 Interview… GAY VIBES?

- Source


scrumrob said...

He certainly has very kissable lips.

dp said...

Interesting. What "PORN" past is it that you're referring to? And, in response to scrumrob, I agree. But I tend to think that Haynes is becoming more alluring as he matures.

Stephen Conway said...

I said "Porn" not porn…

It's air quotes for internet sarcasm.


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