Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rouge: Jake Shortall

Jake Shortall with AMCK had a break out season this year.

AMCK sure has a thing for red heads.

CONGRATS on the great season Jake!

Christian Lacroix
Pringle of Scotland
Central Saint Martins
Rick Owens
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Costume National
Dior Homme
Kris Van Assche
Lanvin (OPENED)
MAN - Shaun Samson 
AND I managed to get two candid shots of Jake outside Somerset House hanging out with the guys from the Sibling Fall Winter showcase.

Apparently gingers try to stick together…

Images © 2012 Stephen Conway

Backstage at London Fashion Week "Ones to watch Men" Fall Winter 2012

If you haven't seen, some of my photos have been PUBLISHED online at Phoenix.

BUT JUST for you we have some MORE BACKSTAGE!

Men's day was so much fun, the guys were all great.

Unfortunately I didn't grab any names or agencies :S

Took LOTS of photos so stay tuned for more updates.

AND keep reading Phoenix!

Images © 2012 Stephen Conway

DoYaThing By Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy

LOVE the NEW Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy for Converse!

We think it's a touch better than My Drive Thru by Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D

also DAMN YOU CONVERSE now I want some new shoes… how did that work!?

James Franco For GQ Style Germany

James Frnaco for GQ Style Germany Spring Summer 2012 shot by Mariano Vivanco.

I have to be honest, I don't think this is the best James cover I've ever seen.

How many covers can he get? What about little Davie Franco?

Off to Condé Nast to pick up this issue…

- Image Source "Chiara 92" @

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goodbye Stefano Pilati…

(The FINAL Stefano Pilati for YSL menswear collection)

SIGH rumors were true it seems, Stefano Pilati "quit" Yves Saint Laurent. The upcoming show will be his last.

SO why would he walk away? Did he quit? Who is replacing him?


Still so many questions, nothing like fashion drama to distract from Fashion Week.

So we have another "Final" collection, this will be great for sales…

NOW I have to find a way to afford Jil Sander AND YSL!


Kathryn Bigelow Directs some new "short films" for Chanel starring Danny Fuller.

I love how Luxury houses can get Academy Award winning directors to make commercials.

It is a little strange that the Chanel chose a professional surfer, will Fuller get a print campaign?

Come to think of it, how NON French is surfing.

Paddy Mitchell, Tan­ner Dil­lon & Tucker Des Lau­ri­ers

I'm loving this 70's chic retro shoot!

Mar­i­ano Vivanco shot Paddy Mitchell, Tan­ner Dil­lon & Tucker Des Lau­ri­ers for H&M magazine.

When did H&M magazine get so good?!?

70's & "All American" almost always work for me… This has just the right amount of both.

- Image Source

Appliance of Science for Phoenix Magazine

Have a look at our current issue!

"Appliance of Science" by Leigh Keily for Phoenix Magazine.

This was a fun little still life shoot, very Mad Science.

I was responsible for hovering and pouring the Murad Clarifying Cleanser over the Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum by Perricone MD.

I also was holding up the Darphin & Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate by REN pipette.

All in a days work… 

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Model Soup

NYFW for The Model Soup from noma han on Vimeo.

Loving this video! Just give us any video with models and we will love it…

If only every week was fashion week, we would have model soup every day :P

Saturday, February 25, 2012

SAVE Stefano Part…

I feel like my Save Stefano campaign isn't working.

Rumor has Hedi Slimane returning to YSL… with Stefano out of a job?!?

Where's Everyone Going?!?

If I recall correctly one scenario had Stefano taking over Armani…

SO it could look like…

Raf Simons At DIOR
Hedi Slimane At YSL
Stefano Pilati At Armani

IF Raf gets DIOR, would he take over MENS (PLEASE YES!)


Raf Simons at YSL
Hedi Slimane at Dior Homme?
Stefano Pilati at DIOR!!!

That one is a stretch.

GAWD all this fashion drama is killing me!

Jil Sander Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

A historic collection, the final Raf Simons for Jil Sander show.

After almost seven years Raf took his final bow, Anna Wintour lead a standing ovation that moved Simons to tears.

I was nearly moved to tears but I was also playing "Take A Bow" by Madonna while viewing the collection…

SO DIOR next?

The collection is near perfection, I will miss Raf's vision of JIL but it will be interesting to see how JIL works JIL.

The collection will also sell like hot cakes, a final collection makes for great collector pieces!

Good luck Raf, hope to see you soon!

- Image Source

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Strange but True" By Rich Hardcastle for Phoenix

Rich Hardcastle shot James Cooper & Jack Curd for the latest issue of Phoenix magazine.

Is this self promotion? Possibly. But my major job was just helping to book the models.

I think the shoot turned out well, wish the images were a touch larger on the page.

SO you should run out and pick up issue 6! NOW!

"Strange but true" was styled by Rebekah Roy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rory Smith at Christopher Shannon

Image © 2012 Stephen Conway

I took a few shots of Rory Smith with FM after the Christopher Shannon show.

Love the yellow top, didn't really love his runway look.

I didn't manage to get any good shots from the Christopher Shannon show unfortunately.

- Image Source &

James Long Fall Winter 2012 Finale

The video I took of the James Long finale. 

Not the best, not the worst. 

It was a fast show, didn't love it as much as I loved last summer. 

I will take some of the sweaters however. 

Yannick Abrath at James Long

I was able to catch Yannick Abrath before he left.

Spoke to him, introduced myself this time, he was friendly.

The eyes were amazing in real life too.

Images © 2012 Stephen Conway

Dan Felton at London Fashion Week

Somerset House was swarming with models for a while. Dan Felton was just hanging out I was almost unsure it was 100% him so I didn't say anything.

BUT then it started raining and the models all ran inside.

It was surreal seeing them in real life, like finding a mythical creature…

Images © 2012 Stephen Conway


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