Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adam Senn for Panorama Icon Magazine

Adam Senn for Panorama Icon Magazine by Paolo Zerbini.


We miss seeing Adam on TV, such a good actor :P

Also where do we find this Panorama Icon Magazine?

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Shine by Leigh Keily

Here is a fun little still life I assisted not too long ago.

"Shine" by Leigh Keily for GT.

I may have tried on the Alexander McQueen Siamese Skull pendant, this will cost you a modest £225.00 and the Jil Sander Snakeskin passport holder was only £495.00!

It's so upsetting calling in FEROSH accessories, because at the end of the day they all get returned.

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Florian Van Bael for Têtu by Carlotta Manaigo

OH summer in Givenchy if only we were so lucky.

Florian Van Bael for Têtu by Carlotta Manaigo.

Florian Van Bael is also wearing a lot of layers considering it's a summer issue of Têtu.

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Sacha Legrand

Hallo Sacha Legrand…

This 17 year old Belgium beauty was discovered at a model contest, good for him!

This SO doesn't look like 17.

Sacha Legrand is with IMM Bruxelles.

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Conor by Cecilie Harris

We have MAJOR love for the work of Cecilie Harris.

Meet MAJOR blonde Conor from M+P, loving all the COLORS!

Also loving those freckles, how can you live without freckles?!?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dave Franco: Survivor

Uncle Terry kept things totally clean and professional while working with the youngest Franco.

Why the armpit hair shot, we don't want to know, but they both managed to keep their pants on, surprise surprise.

Speaking of stretching your creativity… the wear my glasses, and thumbs up photos are still fun and fresh, as fun and fresh as Stephen Baldwin!

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I've seen it all before: James Demitri for Teamm8

James Demitri does his best Steven Klein for Teamm8 Spring Summer 2012.

So people are STILL doing this?

I don't know how they get away with this, or why Teamm8 would be on board with this, no one looks good in this situation. I feel bad for the model caught in the crosshairs.

It's like the team said, let's reference lots of different Klein elements and themes from a few years ago and NO ONE WILL EVEN NOTICE!

I mean it's not brain science making a good underwear campaign, male models in underwear, half your work is done!

I Hope everyone can stretch their creativity a bit further next season.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" just doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

WARNING this post contains FULL FRONTAL MALE NUDITY! Something I'm sure everyone is horrified by.

James Demitri for Teamm8 2012
Arena Homme + November 2008
James Demitri for Teamm8 2012
Vogue Paris February 2009
James Demitri for Teamm8 2012
July 1999
James Demitri for Teamm8 2012
Arena Home + Spring/Summer 2011
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John Kevin Burak Müller

Wir sind in der liebe!

Gruß John aus West Berlin, Deutschland.

John ist 6 ' 1" mit braunen Haaren und Augen.

Er ist mit Izaio.

Wir haben auch lobe Müller joghur.

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I Love GQ Russia

'I love GQ Russia' from GQ Russia on Vimeo.



Jacob Coupe looks like he is about to have a heart attack…

Mark's Danish sounds SO english…


A&F shower scene…

OH A&F… this is the gayest they have gone, and thats saying a lot.

Men wrestling in and out of the shower with an A&F top thrown on the ground for good measure.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Alex Santaniello by Danny Lang

Alex Santaniello by Danny Lang.

Alex has that wonderful brown hair red beard combination going on.


Alex Santaniello is with Major.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Top­man: The Denim Jacket Project

Topman has teamed up with Lou Dal­ton, Katie Eary, Shaun Sam­son and Oliver Spencer for The Denim Project.

I kinda want the polka dot one… I just wish shopping at Topman wasn't so irritating.

The Denim Project launched April 5th.

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Die Presse!

Michael Gstoettner, Benedikt Angerer, Gerhard Freidl & Patrick Kafka for Die Presse by Michael Brus.

Not sure what this is all about, I need to learn German… BUT we LOVE!

I'm always surprised when I see Patrick's chest hair.

- Image Source

Tanner Dillon by Greg Vaughan

Kerry Degman better watch his back, there's a new naked skater boy in town!

Tanner Dillon is working it for Greg Vaughan.

Love a good roof top shoot.

And just because…

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