Friday, September 28, 2012

Men at Work by Jacob Sutton for Numero Homme

I just love the cut and paste look of "Men at Work" featuring Baptiste Radufe & Robert Laby  by Jacob Sutton for Numero Homme.

Somehow the mix of interior color and exterior B&W works.

Makes want to get out my old magazines and glue sticks.

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Elite Model Look 2012 The Boys

Alex Tomkins, 22, Nottingham
We are LOVING the boys and photos from the Elite Model Look 2012.

So many faces I think they are all amazing!

Also love how they were shot on bubble gum pink, so cute.

Photos by Cecilie Harris.

Conor Doherty, 16, London
Daniel Stowe, 16, London
Henry Smith, 16, Manchester
Joseph Walsh-Norman, 15, London
Sam Cripps, 22, Essex 

Bastian Thiery, Adam Merks & Johannes Niermann German Interview

We are LOVING the latest issue of Interview Germany!

Starring Bastian Thiery, Adam Merks & Johannes Niermann.

The color and lighting is superb, SO CHIC!

Also did anyone else know Germany had a version of Interview?

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Sean O'Pry for Cartier

Sean O'Pry for Cartier by Sølve Sundsbø.

OH Sean… you an your big money jobs.

Congrats on this on SO expensive looking, a little too much soft skin but who cares you look fab!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Simon Nessman for GQ Style Germany by Luke Gilford

Simon Nessman for GQ Style Germany by Luke Gilford.

We are LOVING this retro futurism on Simon!

Oh green Simon you look so blue!

- Image Source

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stuck by Axel Lindahl for Hercules Universal

STUCK from WM Artist Management on Vimeo.

LOVE Stuck by Axel Lindahl for Hercules Universal featuring Clément Chabernaud in PRADA! SO epic and moody and SEXY and SO MUCH PRADA! LOVE!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Young Americans" by Troy Wise

Our new best blog friend Troy Wise shares his latest story "Young Americans" styled by Rick Guzman featuring aussieBum, Cover Male, teamm8, Budgy Smuggler & Ristefsky Macheda.

YES you read that right, Budgy Smuggler, HOW FAB!

This summery pool shoot makes us miss summer…

Also the title Young Americans reminds me of "Drop Dead Gorgeous" because they use a cover of "Young Americans"… Random I know.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Izaak Love for Oskar Franks

Izaak Love for Oskar Franks shot by James Dimitri.

Sleazy hotels make for FAB underwear shoots.

The lighting is borderline overkill but I still love it.

The underwear could have also changed styles, keep us guessing.

- Image Source

Friday, September 21, 2012

Urbohemia by Chad Pitman for Vogue Hommes International

John Todd Tom Barker & Travis Smith by Chad Pitman for Vogue Hommes International.

LOVE the use of blazer vest.

ALSO loving the floral print pants.

NOT in love with the use of skateboards as much…

- Image Source

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Phoenix Magazine Issue 8

Of course by now you've seen the latest PHOENIX cover everywhere right?

This marks our 1st use of a DUAL cover for the "Innovation Issue".

Catherine Harbour shot the "Digital" cover featuring Emma Menteath with Models 1.

Ellen Rogers shot the "Analogue" cover featuring Jimmy Q with Select Models.

The issue hits all FAB news stands on the 24th across the UK… as for the rest of the world, your guess is as good as mine to be honest.

HOWEVER you can order the issue online and I will personally wrap and send it off, no joke, it's a small team people!

SO buy one buy both, and keep an eye out for MORE content soon!


P.S. It also should be made known I'm NO longer an INTERN however you can't change that tag it's FABULOUS!

Nick Billings by Alexander Habesland

Photograper Alexander Habesland‏ shares his latest shoot with us, how lovley!

Nick Billings with Independent Milan wears Jose Isaías styled by Anne De La Parra.

I can never resist a model in glasses, the long hair is really working for Nick also.

I'm loving those sandals also, they will go with my studded Burberry Possum gloves! Kidding, I still have to steal the gloves.

Nick's face is reminding me of someone but I can't place it… But never mind that his face is pretty flawless!

"Wish You Were Here" Pt.2 by Troy Wise

"Wish You Were Here" Pt.2 by Troy Wise.

Jonathan gets wet & wild in Aussie Bum & Cover Male styled by Rick Guzman.

He is WORKING those pin up beach poses!

I love the idea of doing your hair for the beach, so chic!


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