Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"What Would Ryan Lochte Do?"

I've found my new not guilty at all pleasure!

OH RYAN, it's okay you look pretty, kinda.

I'm looking forward to several speedo shots and some questionable styling and of course quotes and words to live by!

How long with this last, honestly?

I give it a season, one dumber than a door knob season!


Martí Medina

¡Hola 19 year old Martí with View.

Young Mr. Medina stands at 6'2" eyes are blue hair be brown, just incase your blind.

He is giving us a hint of James Smith, the nose isn't.

Eyes are so wide and wise.

- Image Source models.com

Yannick Abrath X Raf Simons X Fred Perry

Yannick Abrath X Raf Simons X Fred Perry = PURE BEAUTY!

I'm LOVING the bleaching wash out on Yanny's skin, he looks like a life sized porcelain doll.

LiL Yan can do no wrong who cares if his hair is half done and that expression looks like you can hear the wind blowing through those ears…

Those eyes have also been pushed to the limit.


- Image Source forums.thefashionspot.com

Monday, February 25, 2013

Vince Sant with Wilhelmina

If only all portfolio updates could look like this… test shots should always be this sexy!

The barely there briefs are leaving little the imagination. Expert use of light & shadow.

Is this shot in a little sun room/veranda? I want a sun room/veranda now…

Vince Sant by Christian Rios with Wilhelmina.

- Image Source malemodelscene.net

Jordan Coulter by Florian Renner

Jordan Coulter in "The Scholar" by Florian Renner for PHOENIX Digital.

We put this little digital editorial together last year, it's a strong moody broody shoot.

I was happy to get Jordan Coulter cast in this story, surprised his hair is so red…

This was a relatively stress free shoot on my part, it's nice when things work out!

Clement Chabernaud in "Ten of the best" by Hasse Nielsen

Le Chabernaud in "Ten of the best" by Hasse Nielsen styled by Wayne Gross for GQ Australia.

OH LA LA Chabernaud, tu es si bon!

It must be hard to shoot Le Chabernaud every photos gives me Déjà vu of another shoot.

Nous vous aimons Clement, vous êtes comment dites-vous… magnifique!

- Image Source models.com

Mattias Hok in "COLOR CORRECTION" by Kacper Kasprzyk

Mattias Hok in "COLOR CORRECTION" by Kacper Kasprzyk styled by Robbie Spencer for V Man #29.

SO I've seen the whole issue of V Man I'm pretty sure. It's okay!

Color correction is looking simple chic.

Sein Haar ist mehr so ​​gut! OH google translation, you've never steered me wrong!

- Image Source forums.thefashionspot.com

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dominic Carisch with Storm

Meet 6'2" Australian Dominic Carisch with Storm, L.A. Models, Boom & Angels & Demons .

Dom looks much taller than 6'2" non?

OH Aussies, you don't meet to many Wallabies models over here, shame.

I do want to question him on his pectoral tattoo…

- Image Source models.com

Botond Cseke in Light Test by Benjamin Alexander Huseby

Botond Cseke in Light Test by Benjamin Alexander Huseby for V MAN #29.

Not sure I really understand this editorial…

Also not sure about this hair, is it working?

I'm kinda over the monochrome spring summer looks also.

- Image Source forums.thefashionspot.com


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